Privacy statement

At Miami Escort Agency we take your privacy very seriously. We know that our clients value confidentiality when dealing with professional escorts and their agencies, and we understand that respecting confidentiality is a vital part of building client trust and loyalty.

Below is the list of just some of the ways in which we care for your privacy:

  • We will never release any details, including name, email address, address and contact number to any third party.
  • We will never mail anything to your address.
  • We may only contact you by phone within 30 minutes after the end of your date to ask you for the feedback. No future solicitation will be done from us.
  • While we require your real first and last name, you may request to go by different name while you are on a date.
  • Per your request we will completely destroy all your records at the end of the date.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our privacy policy please discuss it with us while making reservations.