List of Licensed Brothels Around Las Vegas, Nevada

According to the Nevada Brothel Accociation site, there are 19 legal brothels in Nevada. It is well known fact that prostitution is legal in some parts of Nevada, however it is illegal outside these licensed brothels listed below.

Brothel Phone County Website Avg. travel time from Las Vegas
Dovetail Ranch(775) 754-6900Elko CountyWebsite7 hours
Mona's Ranch(775) 777-7469Elko CountyWebsite7 hours
Desert Rose Gentlemen's Club(775) 753-6972Elko CountyWebsite7 hours
Inez's D&D Bar(775) 753-5398Elko CountyWebsite7 hours
Donna's Ranch(775) 752-9959Elko CountyWebsite7 hours
Sue's Fantasy Club(775) 777-2088Elko CountyWebsite7 hours
Bella's Hacienda(775) 752-9914Elko CountyWebsite6 hours
The Desert Club Brothel(775) 635-5700Lander CountyWebsite6 hours 30 minutes
Moonlite BunnyRanch(775) 246-9901Lyon CountyWebsite6 hours 30 minutes
The Love Ranch(775) 246-7252Lyon CountyWebsite6 hours 30 minutes
Sagebrush Ranch(775) 246-5683Lyon CountyWebsite7 hours
Kit Kat Guest Ranch(775) 246-9975Lyon CountyWebsite7 hours
Wild Cat Brothel(775) 573-2414Mineral CountyWebsite4 hours
Alien Cathouse(775) 372-5678Nye CountyWebsite1 hour 30 minutes
Love Ranch South(775) 246-7252Nye CountyWebsite7 hours
Chicken Ranch(877) 585-2397Nye CountyWebsite1 hour
Sheri's Ranch(800) 506-3565Nye CountyWebsite1 hour
Mustang Ranch(800) 727-8638Storey CountyWebsite7 hours
Big 4 Ranch(775) 289-3174White Pine CountyWebsite4 hours 30 minutes

Are there legal brothels in Las Vegas?

The most honest answer is "no" - there are no legal brothels in Las Vegas. Brothels as well as any other form of prostitution are prohibited in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Clark County. Under Nevada state law, any county with a population of up to 700,000, as of the last decennial census is allowed to license brothels if it chooses. Las Vegas is in Clark County and as of 2020 had a population of well over 2 million. This alone blocks the legalization of prostitution in Las Vegas. So statement "Legal Las Vegas Brothel" is a myth.

What is the closest brothel to Las Vegas?

You might wonder what is the closest brothel to Las Vegas? Actually there are three of them: The Chicken Ranch, Sheri’s Ranch, and The Love Ranch. Each of them claiming to be "Closest Brothel to Las Vegas". This happens because they located in the same place very close each to another. It will take you about an hour driving to get there.